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In order to fly, the great Leonardo da Vinci lacked the engine.
Today, Man, thanks to the engine invented by Barsanti and Matteucci, has been able to realize his dream and fly at once unimaginable speeds!


The Internal Combustion Engine (IC engine) improved, miniaturized, adapted, improved ( but the principal idea remains the same), roars in powerful automobiles that gives us shivers and exaltations while dashing at fantastic velocity;replica orologi that engine on earth, in the sky and on the sea on every latitude through every possible means, in every continent, in the great factories and laboratories, sing and will forever sing the glory of their creators.

Barsanti e Matteucci

The invention of the IC engine revolutionized the world, shortened distances, relieved Man's fatigue, changed Man's relationship with nature, profoundly marked modern civilization in both bad and good and engaged humanity in the research of future models of rationally compatible developments. Invented during the 1850's as a common need of all the most highly industrialized and evolved societies, the IC engine has had many fathers such as the French Etienne Lenoir and Beau de Rochas, German Otto and Langen, and later Rudolf Diesel and Gottlieb Daimler, and the English Clerk and American Brayton.

But very few know that the first steps taken in the history of the engine, the first patents, the first realizations, essentially the first IC engines which appeared in our civilization, are due to the genius and perseverance of two Italian scientists and inventors, a Scolpian priest, Father Eugenio Barsanti of Pietrasanta and engineer, Felice Matteucci of Lucca. The real representation of this first noble and grand adventure of the human spirit was undertaken in Florence, during a brief period of about ten years between the fifth of June, 1853, the official date of the birth of the first IC engine and the nineteenth of April, 1864, the date of the premature death of f.Barsanti in Belgium, which unfortunately terminated the

"New Barsanti and Matteucci Engine"

After 150 years, it is opportune to remember through a respectful homage the essential facts, original patents, until now unknown, and some of the engines,replica rolex datejust orologi rigorously in scale, constructed by Barsanti and Matteucci. All this is needed to show younger generations an extraordinary episode of an Italian contribution to the evolution of technology and to reinstate the memory of two great men now forgotten. After this brief introduction, we wish to welcome you to the official site of the

Barsanti & Matteucci Foundation

In these pages you will find all that is needed to be known about these two founding fathers and their extraordinary invention which helped to change the world. The information here cited comes from the volume "1853 - 2003 Barsanti & Matteucci. The fathers of the Internal Combustion Engine - an invention that revolutionized the world" published by Emilio Borchi, Renzo Macii and Giacomo Ricci Ed. October 2002

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