The Historical Documents
Statement of the letter written by f. Eugenio Barsanti and Felice Matteucci on June 4 1853, where the two inventors express their wish, "to fix an authentic date for our experiments which we hope to keep secret for now".


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In order to fly, the great Leonardo da Vinci lacked the engine. Today, Man, thanks to the engine invented by Barsanti and Matteucci, has been able to realize his dream and fly at once unimaginable speeds!
The Internal Combustion Engine (IC engine) improved, miniaturized, adapted, improved ( but the principal idea remains the same), roars in powerful automobiles that gives us shivers and exaltations while dashing at fantastic velocity...

Nicolò Barsanti

Nicolò attended the institute until the age of seventeen, concluding high school with excellent results in all subjects but showing a very marked inclination for the exact sciences and for mathematics and physics in particular.

Felice Matteucci

Since he was a child, Felice showed a great entusiasm distinguishing himself in his studies, so much that at the age of eleven he had written some greatly appreciated poetry.

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